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From chip shops to blue chips, SMSAcross is the leading mobile messaging service enabling every business, society or community group to instantly reach everyone. We work with 165,000+ clients large & small delivering a staggering 40,000,000 texts per month! See our awesome testimonials

When prospective clients ask about our mobile messaging service, the assumption seems to be that we simply offer a direct marketing service; that we offer the capability to deliver marketing material to the masses on an industrial scale. This view completely ignores the large number of applications that our service can offer, not to mention many of its most useful features.

SMS Across, The Mobile Tech Centre

On the most basic level, our service allows you to send important information to clients and employees; from reward vouchers to meeting invites. Whether sent on the go from your mobile, or from your desktop, our mobile messaging service will also allow you to receive responses, making planning and customer communication a cinch. Our bulk SMS solutions for business also means that the size of the task is never a barrier.

Another commonly overlooked aspect of the SMSAcross service is the large number of formats and file types that we support: mobile messaging doesn’t just mean text!



Geofenced Locations
Create location-based messages that automatically send to your customers when they’re within your targeted geographic range.

Send Push Messages
Send mobile phone alerts, deals, or discounts to drive in-app purchases and increase app usage. Build user profiles with data such as ZIP codes and mobile device types.

Automate App Alerts
Refresh a list or trigger a message automatically with automated app alerts. Send real-time information, from an inventory restocking notification to a simple account reminder.

Track and Report Your Campaigns
Understand how users interact by tracking mobile app analytics. Drill into the reporting to view when a customer opens your app, how long they interact, and where they are.

Grow your audience.
Use SMS to reach your customers during the moment they’re engaged, and drive opt-ins for your marketing programs.

Deliver time-sensitive messages.
Send tailored content in push messaging or two-way SMS to reach customers at the right time.

Bridge the physical and digital.
Use geofencing and location-based messages to drive engagement with your customers. Connect the physical with digital at your event, store, or even a stadium.

Drive in-app engagement.
Deliver push notifications to inspire customer engagement with your mobile app. Send relevant news, alerts, and promotional material

Build on the Salesforce Platform
Trigger any message from any app built on the Salesforce platform, featuring complete and open APIs.

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